Company Profile

Plumbing Services Dublin

We has been serving the community for over ten years and we have continued to grow and excel by providing high-quality installations and timely service.

We believe it is important to have provide quality service at an affordable cost. That ethos has ensured that our client base has continually grown with delighted customers recommending us to their friends.

With over 20 years combined experience in the gas boiler service industry, our combination of expert workmanship, top quality products and offering the very best possible service are the reasons our clients keep returning to us.

We have established an outstanding working relationship with quality manufacturers, which helps us to offer the best possible installations to our clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality service and installation for oil and gas boilers in both domestic and commercial markets.

To build long term relationships with customers and continue to provide top quality service by being there for them when they need us most 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To accomplish this we have set the following goals:

Company Strategy

Absolute’s strategy is to become a recognised market leader in the gas and oil industry by providing the best quality service at an affordable cost.

Absolute focuses on building lasting relationships with their clients and building a reputation for being one of Dublin’s leading Gas boiler service and installation companies.


Core Values


To become of of Dublin’s leading Gas installers by providing quality services that exceed the expectations of out esteemed customers.


Absolute is dedicated to safeguarding the Safety, Health and Welfare of it’s employees as well as the general public. We are also committed to helping prevent property damage and making sure its procedures will not damage the environment.

All work carried out will be carried out in accordance with:

All practical steps will be taken to reduce risk to employees or members of the public who may be affected by company activities.

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